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Very Nutritious and Contains High Levels of Antibodies


Cow Colostrum Cow Colostrum

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About Cocosash Tablets

All mammalian mothers produces colostrum milk for a very short period of time after they have given birth. Then her milk transitions over to regular milk which is produced for the rest of the suckling stage. Colostrum is vastly different in its nutritional composition from regular milk and this is what makes it the most power full and rejuvenating anti aging foods available. The health benefits of the colostrums can be attributed to fact that it contains 97 immune factors (constituents that build and improve different aspects of immune system),87 growth factors and variety of different probiotic along with prebiotic that helps and feed the beneficial flora of colostrum. When harvested within 6 hours after the baby born, colostrum benefits 4 aspects of the human body. It builds, repairs, strengthens and restores.


1. The hormonal system back to levels.
2. The immune system to its top fighting form.
3. The digestive system to its optimal function.
4. It provides with every basic essential nutrients known.
It is popular among athletes as the health benefits of colostrum milk include decreasing recovery time, increasing strength and performance gains and preventing sickness due to overtraining (very common among sports person).

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