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Fenugreek Oil Capsule

Fenugreek is known for overall health


Fenugreek Fenugreek

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About Fenugreek Oil Capsule

Fenugreek oil has been associated with multiple benefits. It is used to control diabetes, promote breast milk, reduce cholesterol, aid digestive health and as an appetite suppressor. Loaded with omega fatty acids, saponins, trigonelline, phytic acid, it is effective in slowing down free radical damage to the cells. Men and women can also use our fenugreek oil capsules to promote overall reproductive health. Fenugreek Oil capsule is beneficial for both men and women when consumed with a balanced diet and exercising routine. Though various studies, point towards its capabilities to fight off viruses, tumors and cancer cells. These capsules should be strictly used as a dietary supplement only and not a medicine.


Regular use promotes production of breast milk.
Useful for diabetic patients .
Reduces bad cholesterol in the body.
Helpful in curing erectile dysfunction, hernia and other male health issues.
Relieves menopause symptoms and triglyceride.
Promotes sexual stimulation.

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