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Our Pioneering Expertise

We’re pioneers – we’ve developed organic juices, health care drinks, food products, supplements, hygiene products, home care products , beverages and skin care cosmetics using 100% exotic, natural, certified wild Seabuckthorn berries. These exotic seabuckthorn berries contain omega 3, 6, 7 and 9 apart from 190 multi minerals, vitamins, amino acids and anti oxidants – which is extremely rare and near impossible to find in a single plant source – are vital for rejuvenation of the body on a cellular level. We have been engaged in the development of herbal and seabuckthorn products since 1993 when our founder Late Mr. Ramesh ‘Nico’ Khanna first established his herbal manufacturing Facility. The discovery of the wide range of benefits of seabuckthorn for health and beauty is perhaps one of the biggest of this century.

Combining Ancient Knowledge With Modern Technology

We strive to develop formulations using natural ingredients traditionally known to be good for well being and beauty while working with our team of technologists, scientists, researchers and herbalists using a combination of traditional ayurveda and modern science to give you natural products with amazing results. Our consumable products such as  seabuckthorn juices & oil capsules in combination with our skin care products for topical application deliver remarkable results in a matter of days. Brands such as Fab India and Apollo which are also catered to by our manufacturing facilities have also enjoyed our expertise in product development.

Unique Process Knowledge

The huge amount of time spanning 25 years of research has resulted in the development of a unique technique to process and harness the power of Seabuckthorn.  The necessary process Patent has been applied for and is awaited.

100% Natural & Wild Seabuckthorn

Not all seabuckthorn used around the world is the same and also does not contain the wide range and amount of nutrients which enable a wide range of benefits for the human body. Our wild seabuckthorn berries used in the preparation of these products are certified wild from the high altitudes of the Indian Himalayas. This variety in various research findings is considered to be the best in the world due to its high nutrition profile. The huge nutrition boost to your body rejuvenates you from within and the results are evident on the outside. Our Seabuckthorn sourced from the Himalayan mountains, rejuvenates your system on a cellular level with its constituents – Omega 3, 6, 7 & 9, including 190 nutritional compounds – natural and easily absorbable – vital for cellular rejuvenation on a daily basis.

Fair Trade and Sustainable Development

Beautiful body – healthy living – precious earth

The harsh climate, crystal clear blue skies and fresh mountain air is the natural habitat of the tough resilient berry and equally tough local populace of the Himalayas. Nestling in between ancient Buddhist monasteries these bushes of seabuckthorn berries are harvested in the early cold misty mornings of the harvest season. The harvest season is the most important time of the year which provides enough money for sustenance for entire families during the entire year.

We have fair trade agreements and practices with our local harvesters, primarily women, to ensure fair compensation and complete respect. Our modern processing facilities employ practices which are safe and environmentally friendly and we pledge to continue to work responsibly and use processes with minimal impact on our beloved planet. Our wild sea buckthorn berries are a naturally sustainable resource growing wild in the Himalayas.

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