Skin Care With Beauty Berry Sea buckthorn

Vitamin-E and Omega-7 Completely Nourish Skin

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About Skin Care With Beauty Berry Sea buckthorn

This pack is a combination of six Natural Face Care products for Golden Glow. Natural Sea buckthorn Cleanser Almond & Walnut Face Scrub Massage Gel with Sea buckthorn Natural Sea buckthorn Massage Cream Sea buckthorn Face Pack Anti Wrinkle Serum


It is extremely gentle on skin and is easily absorbed.
It uses 100% natural Sea buckthorn which is excellent for skin.
It rejuvenates skin by enhancing your skin’s ability to retain moisture.
It helps to protect against sun damage.
Also helps protect against environmental toxins and oxidative damage.
Sea buckthorn helps boost collagen production.
Helps in restoring youthful resilience and plumpness to ageing skin cells.
Helps in rejuvenating skin cell membranes.
Sea buckthorn is known to have one of the highest antioxidant capacities so good for skin.


" I have tried many skin care cosmetics but was never fully satisfied. This Seabuckthorn line of skincare by Biosash intrigued me and I tried it out. Biosash skin care cosmetics and creams are unlike any that I have used before. They have improved my skin quality and skin tone and texture and I am totally hooked to the brand."

M. Mukherji

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