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Wheatgrass Packs a Powerhouse of nutrients.


Wheat Grass Wheat Grass

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About Whegasash

Wheatgrass Packs a Powerhouse of nutrients. An Ounce Of Wheatgrass Contains 8gm Of Protein And Dietary fiber Each, 240% OF RDA OF Vitamin A, 93% of The RDA of Vitamin C, 356% OF RDA OF iron And 12% OF The RDA of Calcium, It Has The Nutrition Equivalent To 2.5 pounds Of Best raw Organic Vegetable And Is Only 120 calorie. It Has 98 of The 102 Earth Elements found In soil Including calcium, iron, magnesium potassium and phosphorus Along With Essential enzymes and 19 amino acids. Wheatgrass helps in improving digestion. Wheat grass contains certain alkaline minerals that provide relief from ulcers, constipation and diarrhea which help cleanse colon and keeps acidity at bay. Since wheat Grass provides all the nutrients to the body which reduces the food craving and results in weight loss. Wheat grass detoxify the body and improve immunity. Regular consumption may reduces the chances of developing varicose veins. It is very helpful in averting dental problems. The combination of fiber chlorophyll, vitamins and minerals can help Treat hemorrhoids or piles. It help stimulate circulation, anti-ageing, promotes hair growth, improves hair quality and reduces greying of hairs.

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